One thought on “10-Step Blueprint to End Mass incarceration

  1. If an inmate is in prison for more than 5 years. There should be a training program to educate that inmate, if that inmate shows promise and has a true willingness to learn. I also believe that inmate in prison for more than 10 years should be able to go to College or a Trade School if they demonstrate that they really and truly want this training. If an inmate is in prison for 15 or more years, What has He / She learned in prison by this time? What has the prison taught them? What have they learned on their own? Those of them who have learned on their own, and or became Christians are showing promise, and belong at the Top of the consideration list….

    We don’t help a prisoner get better, by more punishment, especially if that inmate is trying hard to do good. There are bad inmates in the system, who even cause trouble every time they get a chance. They are prisoners that try to do good, and a bad guy will cause him trouble just to get him in trouble. these are bad guys.
    People who try to do good, need our help.
    I wonder which inmates Jesus, would let out and then help them to lead a good life.

    Our prison system is Old and Outdated. So are the phones at Monroe. Most of the time we can not hear the inmate or make out what he is saying. There are loose connections somewhere or something is wrong in the Mouth piece of the phone being used. Do you think the prison workers or supervisors care? I think not. After all, they are just prisoners, let um suffer. You don’t make a dog be good by beating it everyday, it make the animal worse. What is needed, is Bible Workers in the system and with in the supervision system. A one day a week Preacher.
    McQueen Varnes

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