2015 CLO Conference

2015 CLO Conference
Breaking the “Life” Cycle III


Coalition For Parole June 20, 2015 15+ Campaign Kick Off

Sept. 19, 2015 the CLO Men of Washington State Reformatory held an exceptional conference that was well attended and provided many thoughtful presentations on the need for sentence reform and relief from exceptionally long sentences.

The event consisted of several of the men reading excerpts of published books and articles relating to the need for sentence reform. The four main speakers consisted of Arthur Longworth, Jarrelle Marshall, Devon Adams, and Anthony Wright.

The event ended with a town hall dialog facilitated by Arthur Longworth between panelists from the outside and the audience. The panelists consisted of Alison Holcomb ACLU Director, Gilda Sheppard, Sociology Professor, Katherin Hervey, Film Maker and member of WA Coalition for Parole, and Shankar Narayan, ACLU Lobbyist.

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