Friends—After much debate and several conversations with our legislator/advisors, we have made the strategic decision to wait until the 2016 legislative session to run a parole bill. Please don’t mistake this decision for a lack of commitment. We are more serious than ever about getting parole legislation passed. But there are a number of good reasons to wait. Most important, parole is a big change to an entrenched multi-billion-dollar system that supplies a livelihood for thousands of influential people. To change it, we need a broad-based, politically powerful coalition of organizations, legislators, and individuals. We simply haven’t had the time to build that yet, though we’ve made an impressive start in just a couple months.
When we go to the legislature in 2016, we want to 1) present a parole bill that is so good it becomes a model for other states; 2) be able to back up every element of our proposal with solid research; and 3) demonstrate broad political support.We need your help!

1) Please if you haven’t already let us add your name to the public list of individual parole supporters.  We need hundreds of individual supporters.

2) Please tell us either your legislative district or your zip code. We need to be able to prove to legislators that their own constituents care about this issue.

To accomplish both of these all we need you to do is fill out our mail list form.

Carol Estes & Cindy Anderson
Washington Coalition for Parole


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