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At Washington Coalition for Parole, we’re focused.  We’ve come together for ONE purpose only:  to restore a parole system to Washington State prisons

As attorneys, former and current legislators, friends and families of prisoners, former and current prisoners, survivors of crime, volunteers in the prison system, representatives of impacted organizations, and community members we know that there are many urgent problems in our criminal justice system.  We are diverse in cultural and political values,  and united in our concern that our justice system be just to all parties and elevate wise compassion over vengeance.

We have carefully and strategically chosen to focus on bringing back parole because

  • parole will do more than any other reform measure to make our prisons safer, leaner, and more effective by restoring hope and the motivation to change;
  • parole will save taxpayers millions of dollars that are now wasted on keeping people in prison when they no longer need to be there, and long after they age out of crime;
  • parole will allow us to abandon plans for a new $250 million prison and instead spend those tax dollars on public education or other public priorities;
  • parole will make our communities safer by determining which individuals are safe to release. Our current system releases people without regard for their dangerousness.


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  1. My husband was 18 at the time of his crime. He was charged with 1 count of murder 2 and 4 counts of assault. Alcohol and guns don’t mix. He was in a horrible circumstance and felt cornered and because he fired the gun in fear a man was killed. Due to this he was sentenced to 45 years in prison. He has served 15 1/2 years of this sentence; he is not the young, irresponsible man that committed this crime all those years ago. People deserve second chances. He is part of the violence prevention committee, he takes parenting classes. He is always helping out in any way he can. I’ve even heard guards and counselors there say that he doesn’t belong there; unfortunately with no parole he doesn’t stand a chance of getting out before we’re in our 50’s. I fully support parole in Washington state! There are plenty of people that need to stay there and rehabilitate but for those that made a mistake; we need to have a system that will assist them. How is it justice to keep someone locked up well after they have rehabilitated?

    1. Stephanie – thanks for sharing your story. Your husband like many others are not the same people they were when they were found guilty all those years ago. None of us are the same people we were 15 – 20 years ago that includes those who have been locked up for all that time. Yes many many of those incarcerated would be positive contributing citizens if released instead of the significant drain on our state’s tax dollars that they currently represent.

  2. i agree they make a mistake and the system thinks justice is served–some times to much justice —allen anderson

  3. As the Founder and Director of Hearts of Hope Ministry, I support parole. I have seen the unjust long term incarceration of individuals in our prison system. Even after a person has been found parolable the system refuses to release them. We need real parole back in our system of justice!!

  4. my son robert anderson #790622 stafford cr inst caught his wife with another man and was hurting so bad he wanted to shoot himself after 4 hrs was booked at the cc county jail–couple days later was to general population that night tried hanging himself.was on life support for all most 24 hrs 10 months latter went to trial all that time was on watch single cell sleeping on mattress on floor nothing but a smock to wear–went to trial found guilty on 4 counts gun enhandmenct received over 19 years [he had a gun weather he used or not was guilty]–15 years air force making over $100-000.00 per year was buying a home–=lost it all for being stupid to me this was over kill—this is why we need a parole board thank you allen anderson

  5. it would be nice to see my son set free===4 counts assault with a gun ==no shots fired wanted to shoot himself in front of his wife –caught his wife with another man and lost it–hurting so bad wanted to die –tried hanging himself while in clark county jail–on life support for all most 24 hrs===weather he used the gun or not he was guilty===served 10 years–still 10 years to go and they call this justice

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