Why Parole?

Everyone thinks we already have parole, but we actually don’t.

Washington did away with parole about 30 years ago, right around the time we began making sentences longer and longer. Today there is no process for determining when a prisoner is ready for release. That means many men and women must sit in prison for a decade or more after full rehabilitation–long past the point where incarceration makes sense. And we continue to pay for their unnecessary incarceration at an average annual cost of well over $46,000 per prisoner, at a time when we don’t even have the money to fully fund our public schools.

Our 15 prisons are already full. We cannot afford to continue to house, feed, and guard individuals who present no threat to public safety.  And we cannot afford to spend $250 million to build the new prison that’s already on the drawing board. But research has shown that we can afford to safely reduce the prison population through a parole system–a system of individual review of an individual’s behavior record, risk profile, programming in prison, and community support. The CFP is  working to create the opportunity for parole for those men and women who have clearly demonstrated that they’ve earned it.

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  1. Hi, I spoke to Roger Goodman’s (who is FOR the Second Earned Chance Act ) aide, back in late winter. He told me it will DEFINITELY go before the House of Rep this March? but will it pass? 90% not. They need a big Sponsor and they don’t have that as of yet.

    But PRAYER CAN CHANGE THINGS!! Pray for this change!! There are SOO many of our loved ones, men and women, who are wasting tax dollars lingering away in there doing nothing but wasting time and could be out and working, making a difference. Many have NO desire to offend and actually ARE rehabilitated and struggle to survive everyday! It is a jungle and everyday their lives are in jeopardy. My Fiancée avoids fighting on a daily basis. If he was not rehabilitated there would be a lot of black eyes (like in the old days!) but he walks away (and THAT’s not easy after being in prison most of his life.) trying to ‘be good’ so he can have a SECOND CHANCE to come home….PRAY, PRAY, PRAY God IS ALIVE AND WELL but so is Satan!! PRAY!!!

    1. Can you let me know more about that proposed law? I would like to help work to get that passed. I didn’t even know it was out there! Everybody deserves a second chance in this world.

  2. Is there any new updates with this? My man was asking me to find out if it’s passed yet or a timeframe of when/if it does?

  3. My husband is part of the Juvenile Life Without Parole group. He was 9 days into his 16th birthday, in 1991. I was his girlfriend and was 15. He was resentenced in 2013 and sentenced to 40 years. The courts just deemed this resentencing illegal and now we have to face another resentencing. Because he was 9 days past his 16th birthday he does not fall under the program that allows him to be released after 25 years. So, the DA is requesting him to get resentenced to 50, then apply for parole after that. My husband has been infraction free for 17 years, he tries to help other inmates to realize the life they could have and to try and counsel them to not return to prison. Over the past 26 years I have seen him grow into an amazing man. He is truly inspirational, due to the abusive childhood and tragic life he has seen behind bars. We are now preparing for another sentence. I am wondering, who can I contact to help us and support us in this process? We really could use all of the positive support we can get. Thank you.

    I spoke this morning to Rep. Goodman’s assistant. I don’t know where my fiancee heard that it was to be voted on this month, but that is false!! He will be devastated when I tell him. But truth is, it may be brought before the House of Rep. NEXT February!, NOT THIS MONTH! Feb. 2017. THEN, if passed it must go to the Senate, etc. SO by NEXT APRIL (2017) we may heard good news! But even then, it may take another YEAR (2018) before PO are trained and hired and our loved ones brought up for Parole! SO KEEP THE FAITH. GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE no matter what!! I know most will be devastated as I am and he will be once he hears the next. 🙁 But, at least it is still progressing and moving forward! Continue to pray, hope and have faith!

  5. My husband heard that this wasn’t going to be pushed this session. Is this true? If so, when is this going to be pushed? I don’t know how these sessions work honestly so it’s all a little confusing for me.

  6. Yes I do to wish they bring it back my husband is serving life for the three strike s your out. He has been there for 20 years now . He has never seen his two grand daughters one 16 and 12 now. He now has health problems and will not live another 20 years. I would love for him to get to see them. They live in Florida so its not like they can fly to see their grand father. So I do pray that they will bring it back.

    1. What is this law on stacking that you speak of? I’m curious when this will be voted on to. I’m very hopeful that this goes through. I would like my husband to get a chance to be the contributing member of society that I know he can be!

  7. When r they actually gonna vote on this. I see all these meetings. But nothing for vote..Yes i would love for my boyfriend to get a second chance at life. He was 22 his now 37. And his grown n2 a humble young man. I am n full support of this. Parole board shouldnt of went away. Everyone deserves a second chance. I love u Kimothy

  8. My name is Laura and I have a son in Walla Walla, he is just about to get out, but I am involved with a man who is in there and has been for a long time, I believe this program will be very helpful and allow him to get out and come home to his family, with people who can support and love and help him to stay out….He was young and made bad choices, but has grown and became a man and now knows better, Lots of these men and women just need another chance!!!!

    1. Hi Laura – thanks for your comment. Yes you are referencing our foundational principals: None of us are JUST the worst thing we’ve ever done and all of us are not the same people we were 15 – 20 years ago. Love and compassion to you and your family. We wish your son much success and support on his reintegration. with gratitude!

  9. I am in total agreement with bringing back the parole board. My husband has been incarcerated for 20yrs he fell when he was young strung out and making very bad choices. He has turned his life totally around and is a model inmate that tries to help the youngsters as he calls them to do the right thing stop doing things to get in trouble and turn to God think about their loved ones and how can they better their lives to be the provider and protector they should be for their families. Our story is like a fairy tale how we met and spent 3yrs in counseling before getting married 2yrs ago. We have 5 children between the 2 of us which are all grown with his youngest 18 we have 5 grand babies that absolutely love their Papa it would be such a blessing to have him home so he could play all the outdoor sports with our grandsons as they lost their father 5yrs ago in a motorcycle accident we are very fortunate that we get to see him 3 times a week. ..if there is anything we can do to help to get this passed please let us know. I have contacted my legislators every year by email and talking to them on lobby days the ones i have spoke to seemed interested but nothing has been passed

    1. I am sorry you are going through this. I am asking about the process of how to contact my legislator and what lobby days are? Is there actually no parole in Washington state?

  10. My son has been in Jail for almost 20 years on a crime that he didn’t commit but had a part in. I myself would like to see the parole board back in effect. They have moved him around so much that I haven’t seen him in over a year maybe two. I can’t travel very far to see him cause I have sleep aphnea. Then I get a chance to take a van to see him and in the heat they had to cancel the trip cause the air conditioner went out in the van. He was in before he was 21.

  11. I was sentenced to 120 months in Federal Prison for possessing 4 oz of an illegal substance. I know that the sentencing is too harsh for drug crimes . This was my first offense. Yes I was guilty. But to be sent away hundreds and hundreds of miles from my kids and family was pretty extreme. I did do the RDAP Program that helped to reduce my sentence. But, Parole NEEDS to be back in the federal system. It is very costly for both the Government and the families of the incarcerated. We all deserve a 2nd chance

    1. You are absolutely right, I’m actively working with the WCP Washington Coalition for Parole, would you like to join us. My name is Christina Nguyễn, I live in Federal Way Washington!

      1. Hi Christina
        I was looking through the internet, trying to find anything about the” 2nd chance parole program in Washington” to find out if anything is going to be a reality in the near future, or if its even true that they are trying. I can see that you write that you are active with the WCP Washington Coalition for parole, so im writing you in hope that you can inlighten me. thank you
        hoping to find information.
        Sascha Mai

      2. I would love to be actively involved in this organization. Please send me information! 😀
        Thank you, Jessica

  12. Lets join together to bring back parole. Too many either wrongly accused and have served their time to only sit waiting for their actual release. It’s the prisoners today maybe your loved one tomorrow

  13. Your saying that the parole system hasnt been in place for over 30 years? then What is the ISRB? Its the Indeterminant Sentensing Review Board, Its been in place since July 1, 2001, I am a pen pal to a couple Sex Offenders that have pretty lengthy sentences, Their release is determined by “The Board”. Granted , Their crime could be construde by some as more Heinous? but, a victim is a victim none the less, Right?So, Are you focussing on those individuals as well? or only the Victimless crimes that are commited by
    3 strikers?

    1. Hi Edwin – It is a little complicated you are right. Here are the facts: 1. Prior to 1984 there was a parole board that reviewed all people who had been found guilty of any crime. 2. In 1984 the SRA (Sentence Reform Act) was implemented which eliminated the parole board. This occurred for 2 main reason: First the subjectivity and racial disproportionate release of more white people than people of color. A mandatory sentence grid was created with the goal that every person who committed the same crime would end up with the same determinate sentence regardless of their background or any mitigating circumstances. Second the ‘tough on crime’ sentiments that shifted the focus from rehabilitation to warehousing. The existing parole board was renamed the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB). At that point the ISRB was ONLY responsible for reviewing people who had been sentenced prior to 1984. This continues to be the case up today and there are still people incarcerated who were sentenced prior to 1984. 3. In 2002 the responsibilities of the ISRB was expanded to include people who were found guilty of sex crimes and were sentenced after 2002. 4. 2014 again the ISRB had it’s responsibility expanded to include the individuals who were found guilty prior to their 18th birthday and have served 20+ years as well as the few individuals who had been sentenced to LWOP (Life Without Parole) for crimes committed when they were younger than 16 years old. (SB 5064).

      Our goal is to create an accountable review process for all people who have been incarcerated at least 15 years regardless of their originating conviction. Everyone would be eligible for review even those with LWOP or de facto LWOP (meaning they were sentenced to 39+ years). We are not focusing on just 3 strikers however they would also be eligible for review under our proposed legislation.

      Thank you for your question and please do sign up so you can be kept up to date on our progress.

  14. My brother has been incarcerated for almost 19 years for a crime he did not commit!!! ” Planted Evidence”And has lost many years of his life locked up!! And away from all his family & friends that love him dearly.. That in itself is a TRUE HORRIBLE CRIME!!! To be ripped away from freedom, and spending time with loved ones. While the person who actually committed the crime has a life of FREEDOM!! Our hearts have been broken 🙁 For this disgrace in our system, and evil doings to plant evidence and take my brothers freedom away..I ask that you bring back parole, to give my brother, and other innocent inmates. As i know that he is not the only one locked up for a crime they did not commit. Thank You so very much God Bless…

    1. I agree with Chandra Delong. I too have known Guy Rasmussen for 28 years. and I couldn’t believe how this case, and trial was handled. It’s my belief he is an innocent victim in this case. I understand the sytem isn’t perfect, but this appeared to be a blantent disregard for proyocol, as well as criminal and immoral. I don’t know how some people sleep at night knowing they conspired to put an innocent person in prison. it saddens me to know that others have also been falsely incarcerated, and are serving someone elses time, so I am all for the parole process, especially if it removes an innocent person out of prison. Thank you for the platform for us to express our thoughts.
      Wade Campbell

      1. Thank you Wade, we so appreciate this organic display of why parole is important to the citizens of this state.

  15. I am sadden that people can be wrongfully convicted and serve several years to life for something ‘petty’ but yet if you intentionally hurt someone (kill, stab etc) they only get a few years in prison….. there is absolutely NO real justice and no wonder why all the prisons are full. Its just totally mind boggling really. Watching the news on people that murder can get maybe 3 years to life BUT someone who is wrongfully convicted as a child abuser gets 10 + years?? I absolutely believe in 2nd chances and that people can better themselves. I pray for freedom on these men and women that are locked up and have no chance unless your rich and can afford GOOD lawyers/attorneys.

    Please pass a bill for parole so we can free up the prisons for the people that NEED to be in there.
    God bless and thank you!

    1. Hello Team Brandon. Yes there are many injustices in our current system which have more to do with access to good attorneys and other finical resources than the convicting crime. Overall there are many outliers of sentences that just don’t make sense for the crime and there are overall trends as well which include significantly long sentences which results in WA have one of the highest population of lifers in the nation. CFP is focused on the people inside who have no opportunity for review and little to no chance of release in their life time REGARDLESS of the originating crime. Everyone deserves to be evaluated and assessed to see if rehabilitation has occurred in the decades since they have been incarcerated. We thank you for your support!

    2. Thank you for what you are doing to bring the parole system back to Washington State Prisons. I am concerned about the lack of life skills training in the prisons too and I would like to see more focus on job skills training, communication skills, parenting, etc. for the prisoners because they get out as well. I have a son in a Wa prison so this is very dear to my heart what you are all doing. You are setting right an unjust situation for many prisoners.

      1. Hi Rose,
        My loved one has been down a very long time and is amazed at the men that do NOT use the system for their education. He is an insatiable reader and doesnt watch much tv. He has tried to encourage many men over the years to use it but most are not interested. There are many classes/programs for them to do; but you can only “lead a horse to water”……..

  16. My son has been in prison for almost 19 years, I know & so Does His Lawyers, he was wrongfully convicted, with planted evidence, To Life Without, My Heart Has hurt for him & Myself & his Family for years, I Pray To God For His Freedom, someday, I Plead for you The Legislators to pass this bill, to Bring Back Parole, so My Son & Others Can Have a Chance to get their Lifes Back With Their Family. A Concerned & Brokenhearted Mother & His Family. God Bless…

  17. Please bring parole back to Washington. And with it please train and rehabilitate the prisoners so they will have more of a chance when they are paroled. I have a son in prison in Washington now serving 20 years. He has a young daughter who he lives and misses. My son is a good man and deserves a second chance.

  18. UNENDING punishment does not equal reform/rehabilitation. Weren’t prisons made for rehabilitation and reform? Not unending punishment for mistakes made? Mainly made by young impressionable kids? Sentences of 20, 30 plus years and life without should be reserved for those who truly deserve it. Those who plan…..and hunt….and stalk…, rape and kill; and some over and over again. Not those who make terrible decisions, sometimes only ONE terrible moment in time, by a ‘stupid’ kid. Please, please bring parole back to Washington state. Clear out the prisons, recoup human lives and in the process help the state financially. Thank you.

  19. I would also like to add to “My Fiancee…..”……..over the years he has made videos to help keep kids out of prison and community things trying to help. He has one more class totake to earn his Associates degree; he is an insatiatiable learner, constanly trying to better himself. He has a heart for people and looks out for the younger kids coming into the system. He tries to steer them in the right direction and give them hope. He’s always telling them to not give up and get their education. He is a remarkable man and I’m blessed to call him ‘mine’.

  20. My fiancée, who was incarcerated in the state of WA at the age of 18 for committing a robbery with a gun that wouldn’t fire, did TWENTY YEARS. He was released in 1994 and within 4 months broke up a fight and in the process the man turned on him, with a gun, and my fiancée, fighting for his life for the past 20 years and then at the moment, took the gun from the other guy and fired, twice, so fast that witnesses thought it was one shot. There was no forethought, no ‘plan’. Sadly the other man did die. He was a tough drug dealer, not that his death is justified due to that. My fiancée was on the run for 4 years before the law caught up with him. He ran because he thought no one would believe the truth from him, after serving 20 years and earning himself a tough reputation. Moving to the present, he is still incarcerated and 57 yrs. old. The fight is out of him. He is no problem to the system whatsoever. He decided to follow Jesus Christ some 8 yrs ago, with no promise, no incentive from the system, or anyone else. Just himself, wanting so much to be different. Even guards that watched him grow up in the system say, ‘only one thing changes a man like that….God”. They are correct. We pray everyday for God’s mercy for him to be released. He wants nothing more than to come home and live a productive life, try to give back, to lead a good, God fearing life. There is regret everyday, he tells me, for the life he unwittingly took. He is sad for the family but is not allowed to tell them that. He is sorry for all the past mistakes he made. His parenting, upbringing…had a lot to do with the poor decisions he made but he blames no one but himself. He is truly a good man…I believe he is now, the man that God created him to be. Through God’s will, we pray the system would give him one more chance to be free physically. We thank God that he is free Spiritually. Thank you for your time.

  21. My fiance and soon to be husband has been incarsarated for 5 years and has 10 more to go he has grown leaps and bounds and has used his time in there to help better himself well as much as yoh can, anyways i would like to see him come home soon im sure there are many in there thay have done time and genuinely changed and who can continue to grow by joining programs and getting adjusted back in to socety they cant grow and change to the best they can be while beeing in there. Those who have proven themselves and show interest in continuing thier journey to recovery deserve another chance instead of wasting away , they deserve to hope.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Anita. Hope is incredibly important and many of our men and women who have life or effective life sentences don’t have HOPE.

  22. My cousin has been incarcerated for over 15 years for a case that had so many holes in it, even someone not versed in the law should have had beyond reasonable doubt about the charges. To add insult to injury, I applied to be able to visit him, and got absolutely no response, no acknowledgement, denial, just nothing. Something is seriously broken in Washington, and this would be a great step forward.

  23. My brother Scott has been sitting in prison for the last 15 years for a crime he did not do. He made choices when he was younger in trouble with the cops in town! That’s why I think he’s where heavies today cause our police were rushed to convict someone!! A lot of things and people were over looked!! Please this needs to happen.

  24. Hello, My name is Patricia. My son, Daniel is serving a 40 year sentence for a crime that he did not commit. He was sentenced as an accomplice. However, the other person only got 15 years and is about to get out. No person was injured in any way, no property was damaged, nothing and no one hurt. This sentence was way too much. If parole is passed, he will be able to contribute to society. He was young and in love with the wrong girl. Her father was a sheriff. She did the crime, it was never disputed that she was the one that committed the crime. Yet they threw the book at my son, because he was a man. He did not have a decent attorney. One provided by the court, who gave him no defense. Literally, the attorney told the jury he was guilty, then said the defense rests and sat down.
    He shouldn’t have been tried to begin with, as the courts violated his right to a speedy trial. The judge was sleeping during part of the trial, and also had a puppy under the bench, that he played with during the other part. It was a joke. His life is over because he was talking with the sheriff’s daughter. We could not afford to hire our own attorney, and now he will spend his life in prison.
    Please pass a bill for parole.
    Thanks. I will do all I can to help.

    1. These stories are hard to hear but so essential. Thank you for sharing! For your son and for others, this parole effort is one route to redress and new life chances. We’re spreading the word. Help us by joining our supporter list and letting others know about this causeI

  25. hello my name is Joy my husband’s name is Willie Nobles he is incarcerated in Callam Bay. He has been locked up for 17 years close to 18 if we could get this bill to pass, I know he would be home. He’s been gone for a very long time and has made a lot of changes. I would like to do whatever I can to help with whatever is needed to get this bill passed so we could get parole back.

    1. Hi Joy
      Thanks for your comments and for signing on to the Coalition. We are sending out Save the Date Emails today for our community Briefing on June 20th. We look forward to meeting you there!

  26. My son was 20 years old in 1994 when he got sentenced to 43 years in prison. His release date is in 2032. He didn’t kill anyone, but his conviction was four counts of first degree assault. Because of sentencing guidelines, his sentence was consecutive on all four counts. He’s 41 now, he’s minimum security, and he’s in the honor unit at his prison. He has published a book, and just last year, got married. I truly believe he could be a productive citizen in our society if released today! He has a mother, two sisters and one brother, and numerous other family members who love him very much. There comes a point during a long sentence that the inmate becomes institutionalized. I believe the system could benefit by bringing back parole and giving these men and women a chance at a productive life.

  27. I was shocked to hear that Washington State had no parole when my son was convicted in 1998. He had never been in trouble before. To this day I do not believe he committed the crime he was convicted of. I try to support him and his fellow inmates as much as possible by attending and bringing their problems and concerns to Family Council Meetings, both local and state. I also attend Legislator Hearings. But the reality is we, the concerned can do nothing alone. We need to act together and let the powers that be know that we are taking charge, no longer sitting back waiting for somebody else to do something about our concerns. We all need to Stand Up and Be Heard, nothing will change unless we do. So encourage your friends and family to support this effort to help our loved ones in any way they can REMEMBER ……STRENGTH LAYS IN NUMBERS.

    1. You are completely correct, Verna. Strength does lay in numbers and we need many more voices to be saying the current system is broken. Help us spread the word!

  28. I known brem since I was 13 years old and he does not belong in prison . Its time for him to come home to his family

  29. My son is serving an 8 year sentence for an accident, has never been in trouble with the law, he has a kind heart, he would be the one to stand up for you if you needed, give you the shirt off his back if you asked. Like his mother kids love him. He had an accident that has forever changed him he wakes every night with nightmares, he has become majorly depressed and sending him so far away from his family and only child has made it worse. It has been hardest on me his mom because he is my youngest of three and I have already lost a son when he was 2, he is so far way and I can’t afford to travel where they sent him. I know my son and he is no angel by any means but I do know he is not a violent person. I just wish parole would come back. I know he would be a good candidate due to no record,this is his first ever. I pray every day he stays strong and that God would protect him from the people his father and I protected him from growing up. His daughter won’t even know him by the time he is done serving his time.

    1. Yes we will push for a good criteria review process so that people who are low risk to create new issues within the community will find relief through parole.

  30. Thank you everyone for your comments about your loved ones who are currently incarcerated. What effects each of us directly, impacts all others indirectly. Keep your comments coming so we can discuss the real impact of mass incarceration. We send you much love and compassion. And we are working on right action to create relief for situations like yours and many other people across the state.

    Please if you would like to be more actively involved ensure you sign up http://wacoalitionforparole.us9.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=0de4d72f701134191ae184389&id=89bb5fd71e and indicate you’d like to be actively involved.

    We are currently planning our next meeting and those who are on our mailing list and indicated they want to be actively involved will be invited.

    1. So did the law pass for parole? My uncle is in walla walla and he told me about this site. He wants to know what’s going on with all this?!? I would really appreciate it. U can email me at tenae9220@gmail.com

  31. My son is serving a 3rd strike sentence, unless the 3rd strike law is reformed he will never have the chance at parole, but I do support bringing parole back for all the others that may have a chance.

  32. Hi , My brother has been in for over 12yrs , it’s was always our belief. that he wronged. But it time to give His life back, He had family and a daughter that has never see him outside in wall. we love him.

  33. my son has served over 15 years for a crime I don’t believe he commited how about a review for him sincerely Eva Davis

  34. Please free Brem he has been locked up far too long. I have known him since before he was incarcerated years ago. He was and still is not one to do any harm to anyone he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has a heart of pure gold. He has several friends and family out here who love and miss him bunches. Its time for him to be free and come home.

  35. I have known Brem since he was a teenager. He has a son with my daughter. Brem has a kind gentle soul. I can’t believe he is there to begin with let alone still there. He now has a grandson. His potential for re-offending is nil. He missed his son growing up. Please free him to enjoy his grandson

  36. He needs to be home. Ya know keeping them in so ling , long past when they have been rehabilitated I believe they go from rehabilitatd to institutionalized

  37. it’s time for him to be free. He is definitely not the same man he was when he went in. I can speak from experience that people do change and are able to grow and learn from the mistakes made in the past. He has done enough time and has a loving family who are waiting for his return home to rebuild his life.

    1. Thanks Wanda all the best in getting your loved one home. In order to bring back parole we need to show a strong desire from every legislative District, please if you haven’t already sign onto our mailing list and forward to everyone you thing will support this effort! http://eepurl.com/-q6Xz

  38. I am an x offender, I have family who have been incarcerated for the last 15 yrs. I believe that there are different circumstances for each case that should be considered individually. I believe that everyone should have the oppurtunity to be re-evaluated by a parole board after so long of the sentence range. Everyone grows up, everyone is able to evaluate why they are in prison and the circumstances surrounding the event. Everyone makes choices when we are younger, on drugs or alcohol, whatever the circumstance; We all change over the years. We become wiser, more mature, and often more educated. It is no different for prisoners! I am a witness to the overcrowding of our prisons, people convicted of crimes they did not committ, people who have serious mental health issues that should be housed by a mental hospital not DOC or state prisons. There is hardly any educational , rehabilitation, or programs that are failing, to help these offenders become respectable people in society. Year after year offenders sit waiting for their time to be up and they come out and its a whole new era. They are socially behind, alarmed to be back in society, and left feeling freightened, alone, and unworthy people. They often times revert back to the same behavior and same crimes for easy money because they can’t be successful in an advanced, fast pace society.
    I wanted to express some barriers that aren’t even considered about our prisons and the offenders. Please give these people a chance to show how they have made changes and rehabilitated themselves for the last so many years. Either Really rehabilitate these offenders with schooling, counsling, classes that matter for re entre, bring them all up to date with tech-knowledge, and social awareness.
    Provide year long re-entery stable housing, employment, etc. like the federal prisons do. BRING PROLE BACK; GIVE THEM CHANCE THEY DID THEIR TIME. Free brem and louis, give them a chance.thanks

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Cherie and for signing up to support our efforts to bring Parole back to WA state. We do hope your family finds relief!

      1. I totally agree with Cherie. Most people do change, they do grow up and mature. Prisoners have years to reflect on the decisions they had made that resulted in a prison term. Depending on the criminal’s background and the crime committed, parole should be an option. There are innocent people doing time for crimes they did not commit as well as people committing crimes and receiving exceptionally long sentences. I believe that if a person commits crimes while under the influence of drugs and other wise would have not, that person should get a reasonable amount of time not exceptionally long terms. I know it depends on the crime but I am referring to good people that made stupid decisions. For example; a father and husband, hard working and responsible in life decides to use illegal drugs to stay alert and what he feels will help him to get through long work days. This decision turned into a man robbing stores for money to buy his next fix. Needless to say, he committed crimes and was arrested. He plea bargained for 20 years because the laws in his State would have possibly got him more time than if his case went to trial because he used a weapon. No, he didn’t hurt anyone physically but he did however commit the crime. My point is, I believe 20 years for someone that had no record and was otherwise a good person received an exceptionally long sentence with no chance of parole. He as well as many like him should be able to do maybe 1/2 the time and have a chance of parole.

  39. I love this man his time to come home is way over due . his children , his grandchildren nieces nephews, brothers sisters, ..we are all just waiting for the clouds to clear from this darkness .We need him home HOME there is so much love for this man its crazy

    1. Hi Andrew thanks for sharing your story. We do need to put a human face to these issues. Please take a moment to sign our support list so that we can gain the political strength necessary to make parole a reality again here in WA state. http://eepurl.com/-q6Xz

  40. There comes a time when we have to realize that we made a bad decision and that’s when we have to stop back up and try a different direction .I think this is one of those times.

    1. Very nicely put….for those who cannot admit that they too are human and that THEY too have made mistakes (decisions that turned out to not be a good thing); admit it; change things. “Pride goeth before a fall”.

  41. I believe in a second chance why not save taxes payers money when some woman and men are rehabilitated in prison i support this parole because i have a son that has been in prison for a long time. I know there is no parole because my son would of been out and any other persons men and woman that has served a long sentence . I pray that this law will pass to bring back parole.

    1. Free Brem way way to long .he’s got family children and grandchildren that miss him dearly. Please for him an all family and friends too.

      1. Hi Chrissy thanks for the comment. We hope that you might sign up to support our efforts http://eepurl.com/-q6Xz we need as many people as possible to show the legislators that a significant number of people in Washington do support parole. We hope your family finds relief soon and we will be actively working to get parole re-instated. Thanks for your support!

    2. Thanks Antonia. This year we are working hard to build a strong coalition to provide the political strength for parole to be passed by the legislature. We need as many people to sign up as supporters so if you haven’t already sign up please do so and forward to anyone you know who would also be supported of this effort. http://eepurl.com/-q6Xz Peace and Blessings!

    3. I pray that Brem Abelson can come home where he belongs. I have never met such a thoughtful , caring person. Brem is so deserving of this possibility to return to his family and friends ,he has done enough good in his life to be around people he loves and us people who love him.Please let us hug and talk and just be together again. There are so many people who miss him and trust him and need him, Thank You. Margie

    4. My brother has been in for over 12 yrs. I believe that, He was wrongfully convicted from day 1, It’s way pastime for the system, To do the right thing, His Mom is Elderly and his daughter is growing up without him. The rest of the family is missing him too.

      1. When crimes are committed people are punished through judicial system and then sentenced to prison to serve the sentence to pay for there wrong doings. Why are inmates punished for the rest of their lived in one form or another. People change. Grow older. Pay the price or dept to society and they deserve a second chance. Jesus didn’t heal the wealthy or dine at the kings table. He walked the streets and saved those in need. Why because we were worth saving. Parole Bremner Abelson

    5. Hi.. My son has truly changed.. I pray that he can get a second chance to be in his son life.. His son is 8 years old and doesn’t have a male role model in his life. My son have worked hard to stay connected to his son. I have a bad knee and drive every month to see my son with his son. I pray that God will open doors for us to be whole again. He’s my only son and God knows I tried my best with him. He grew up without a father and now his son is doing the same, unless God bless this state to have an parole system. I promise you he knows better so he will do better. He hasn’t been in trouble in prison, he got his GED, he works, go to church when he can and takes classes when he can. I raise a good son. I never thought in a million years that my son would be beyond bars. Please forgive him and give him a second chance. Thank you all in advance.

      1. Betty thank you so much for sharing your story. We are working hard to build the political support to re-introduce Parole to WA state.

    6. I support parole! Some inmates genuinely deserve a second chance at life (not behind bars) after being rehabilitated. A few of my good friends made some poor decisions in their past but that doesn’t make them bad people.

      1. As do I. My son was raised in a good home, was a very loving and caring child. He made some bad decisions and choices in his younger years, as I am sure we all did one time or another. I so honestly believe that in the rush for justice, so many clues, witnesses, evidence, etc. were overlooked. I know, in my heart, that my son, did not do that heinous crime. He has been incarcerated 15 years and has been very good all that time. His LWOP needs to be overthrown or at least have a shot at a parole hearing. I thank all that support this cause and to the people that are trying (and are going to) make this happen. God Bless you all!!

    7. I was in Washington prison at Purdy, rehabilitation is a joke that DOC sales to the public to justify over spending by DOC. I have a couple of friends who have long sentences, well one has been in 15 yrs and is releasing in the next two yrs and he is coming out not knowing anything about computer technology or anything about cell phones, or financial information. They have nothing set up for housing, stability,not prepared for today’s society. It is very sad, most of these offenders want a better life but have no idea of where to begin. Most often they return to a life of crime because they know nothing else. Washington needs to pull there heads out of there ass and realize that the recidivism rate would be alot less with real rehab and parole. We need to reach the right group of politicians that really take a look at what is really going on inside prison walls because there is no rehabilitation for inmates in this state. Bring parole back, are brothers and sister deserve a chance to be successful. Free Brem Abelson, Buddy Florence, but please give them the skills, education and proper supervision that is supportive not just checking in with PO to make sure your drug free. That seems to be the politicians only concern. Wake up politicians your system isn’t working but yet your spending billions of tax payers money on luncheons, social parties and un needed prison uniforms, etc.,etc. Spend that money on saving or changing someone’s life who deserves it. Thanks

    8. What is the point of extreme, unfair sentencing? The point is money, the root of all evil, and getting more and more evil every day. The prison system has become nothing more than making prisoners for profit. This whole unfair, unjust system is not much more than a money making scam. Where is the rehabilitation in prison? Where is fair sentecing? Is justice a joke? Are people to be treated like cattle? People make mistakes. My son made a mistake and was sentenced to 22 1/2 years of his life for eluding the police. They failed a pit manuever and lied about so many things and they railroaded my son, and turned it into a 1st degree assault. Nobody was hurt, so I don’t understand how you can have an assault when there is no victim. No victim, no crime. He definitely has paid his dues for what he has done. Why should he pay for what he has not done? Because it makes money? Bingo! I know the how much they say it costs to house an inmate and I know how much they gouge the families of the inmates. I also know that these people who make mistakes are used as collateral to produce money. What a racket! My son has accomplished alot behind those gray walls, he has studied the law and can hold his own, but if you don’t have money, you don’t win. Parole is very necessary and I will help however I can to support this. My son is more than just a number, he is a father, a brother, a beloved son, an uncle and a good person who made a mistake and should not have to pay for it for 22 years! Parole is necessary because the system is so broken they don’t get rehabilitation in prison. All they are doing, for so many, is institutionalizing and prolonging their abilility to adjust to society when they do get out. Give people a chance. I do not know of anyone on the face on this earth that hasn’t made a mistake. Prisoners should not be for profit. Parole is the only hope. Thank you.

    9. I believe everyone deserves a second chance at life especially after serving a mandatory 20 years. Please bring back the parole board

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