Why Parole?

Everyone thinks we already have parole, but we actually don’t.

Washington did away with parole about 30 years ago, right around the time we began making sentences longer and longer. Today there is no process for determining when a prisoner is ready for release. That means many men and women must sit in prison for a decade or more after full rehabilitation–long past the point where incarceration makes sense. And we continue to pay for their unnecessary incarceration at an average annual cost of well over $46,000 per prisoner, at a time when we don’t even have the money to fully fund our public schools.

Our 15 prisons are already full. We cannot afford to continue to house, feed, and guard individuals who present no threat to public safety.  And we cannot afford to spend $250 million to build the new prison that’s already on the drawing board. But research has shown that we can afford to safely reduce the prison population through a parole system–a system of individual review of an individual’s behavior record, risk profile, programming in prison, and community support. The CFP is  working to create the opportunity for parole for those men and women who have clearly demonstrated that they’ve earned it.

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  1. Many people, DOC, Prosecutors, Citizens, etc. are FOR the Earned Second Chance Bill. They are working on it as we speak. PRAYERS PRAYERS PRAYERS WORK!!!!! Keep the faith! GOD is still on the Throne and in control!

  2. Hi, you can maybe find an old version of HB (house bill) 2316 and that details what it is. That number is reused and if Google brings up the new one it will have something to do with business/finances. Try again and put in “HB 2316 Second Earned Chances” and you will find out what it is. Also to help? I’d call Roger Goodman’s office and ask them. I am actually in PA, but my Fiancee is in Walla Walla. GOOD LUCK!!! Prayers for all!!!!!

  3. Yes he is in Walla presently…there a few yrs ago, then to Clallam Bay; then back to Walla. Said it’s changed so much for the worse. He just yesterday got moved to Victor from William; said it is much better. Calmer, more peaceful if that’s even possible! *smiling weakly*

  4. The way they do our inmates is ridiculous my son got 15 years for shooting another kid in the thigh he has never been in trouble before and he is mentally challenged they didn’t take any of that into account there is no way that he should be made to stay in prison for 15 years and when I ask the prison about his release date because his release date is exactly 15 years where he gets nothing off no 3rd off or 10% the women tells me that I just can figure out his release on a piece of paper there is a way that they figure it out I told her no matter what she says that 10% and a 3rd off is just that no matter what way they try to flip so the math that they are doing is apparently some type of special math that only they know how to do because last I checked 10% off is 10% off and a 3rd off is a 3rd off so I want to know exactly what type of math did they come up with to flip prisoners release date like they do, of course she couldn’t respond with nothing but well that’s how it is ma’am sorry. No that’s not how it is and that is not how it’s going to be if more people like me start to stand up against your system that keeps our children in prison for way longer than they should be then you wonder why they come back out more criminal minded than ever you have no type of help for them in those places what so ever and education is a joke my son education level is 5th grade what is so funny about that is that he was in the 12th grade when he went to prison so our school system also failed my child they told me that he was doing good, but I knew they were lying because my son didn’t know basic stuff which I told them that I don’t believe that and that I will not let him graduate from school not knowing the basics that we pay them to teach our children they constantly want more money but yet they don’t teach our children properly at all. There is no justice in anything that this government is doing these days to our children they take away our rights to discipline our children then blame us when they act out and end up in jail or prison. Something has to change with all of this starting with the schools and prison system. We need to bring parole back to Washington they charge people who don’t have any family in prison a lot but just think how much we people (the people who do have family members in prison, we pay even more). This needs to stop.

    1. “Something has to change with all of this starting with the schools and prison system.”

      I agree with you, but the CHANGE MUST START in our homes!! We ARE responsible for our children (up to a certain age). It doesn’t start when they get in trouble in school. It starts in infancy. Hurt people….hurt people. So many feel unloved and it doesn’t take money to give children love. Many want God out of home, school, etc. and look where that has left us! Our teachers are NOT responsible for raising our children, WE are…there are too many parents that have dropped the ball and want others to raise their children then want to blame ‘the system’. We live in a warped society; a throw away society….BUT if more would only trust in God Almighty…..rich or poor….we would live in a different world.

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