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The Coalition will be successful only if we create a groundswell of support across the State.

To do that we need strong dialog about who is incarcerated and why the extremely long sentences hurt public safety, family and community development, and fiscal responsibility. In addition, race matters. We need to emphasize that people of color (and most dramatically Black people) are disproportionately impacted by these long sentences.   We all need to stand up to this injustice!

Our foundation is one of love and compassion, nonviolence, and restorative justice principals. We aim to bring representation across all communities in order to achieve our ultimate goal: ,the release of many men and women who are ready and able to contribute to their communities

Currently we have representation across all by one legislative district. Let’s obtain hundreds of supporters in every district, and thousands across the state!

How to get involved:

  1. Lead and execute WCP’s mission: WCP Volunteer Opportunities form 
  2. Print a WCP flyer and share with others.
  3. Sign up as a Coalition member.
  4. Sign up 5 of your friends.
  5. Read the UW study on WA Life Without Parole and  de facto Life Without Parole
  6. View and share Black Prisoner’s Caucus summit videos
  7. View and share the Concerned Lifer’s Organization conference videos.
  8. View and share the Washington State Reformatory Tedx videos.
  9. View and share the Washington Correctional Center for Women Tedx videos.
  10. Attend a Village of Hope meeting.
  11. Attend a No New Jim Crow meeting.
  12. Submit your story on why parole matters to you.
  13. Print the Why Parole – Share your story from the Inside and send to your incarcerated loved one
  14. Read Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy
  15. Bryan Stevenson speaks about the necessity for ‘proximity’ to people directly impacted by mass incarceration.  Host an evening dialog and invite someone who was previously incarcerated or a family member of a currently incarcerated person to help explain the impact of extremely long sentences.
  16. Find your legislator.
  17. Download and complete one or both of the forms below and mail to your legislator.
    1. General request to support an accountable review process
    2. Specific request that includes bullets on why we want a review process and that out of state transfers or new prisons are not the answer
  18. Create social media buzz by following @WAParole and using #WAParole or #15Plus.

2 thoughts on “GET INVOLVED!

  1. President Letaxione of the non profit DITR is currently incarcerated in Walla Walla is up for clemency in December 2015 and both he and the organization proudly support parole for Washington state.

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