June 20th, 2015 Community Briefing

“15 to Review”  Community Briefing June 20th, 2015

  • Rainier Valley Cultural Center
  • Approx 115 people attended
  • Positive energy and hope created
  • 90% family members
  • Legislative strategy discussion with Rep. Goodman
  • Key message = Get Involved!
  • Come back to view the videos of the speakers
  • Videos will be posted once available


Community Briefing Speakers & Videos

Emcee, kept us energized and flowing throughout the day with inspiration and wisdom.

The realities of Racism within the system and how mass incarceration disproportionately impacts communities of color and poor communities with the greatest impacts being to the Black community.

Anthony Wright inspired him and we then watched  Anthony’s video on transformation from the inside.   Anthony was sentenced to 134 years back in 2001, he is now an inspirational leader and mentor to many including Cordell himself.

Utilized his own story to highlight why an accountable review process is needed for the men and women still locked up in WA.  He reminded us that back in the ’80 there were only a handful of people who had already served 20years now this number has exploded and many have served decades with no hope of release.

Introduced Arthur Longworth.  She was intending to read his latest unedited piece The Yard; however due to time restrictions she choose not share his words.  Please do read this illuminating piece of what mass incarceration looks and feels like from someone how has served 30 years and counting.

Spoke about the failed clemency process she and her husband Aaron Borrero has been through.  Aaron had two unanimous clemency recommendations however he is still incarcerated.

Outlined the challenges the Coalition will face in getting a bill of this nature passed in the current legislature.  He opened the floor up to questions and many great questions were asked. 

Visions, goals and needs to move the Coalition forward.

Explained why he’s involved and the reasoning behind the draft legislation.

Provided some insight into the legislative lobbying effort to be accomplished in upcoming months.