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  1. I see you have a meeting this Saturday, I am very interested in being involved in the Coalition for Parole. I was wondering if you could contact me regarding information? I have a loved one in Airway Heights for 15+ years, for burglary, with 12 more to go. He too as many others has really changed and would like a second chance, he realizes that freedom and family should not be taken for granted. He has lost many years with his sons and daughters and if this in anyway could be possible for him, he could at least be able to see his one son graduate and help to finish raising his other son. And also be able to help raise his grandchildren. This all is very new to me, so if you could contact me regarding this it would be much appreciated. Thank you

  2. My husband is part of the Juvenile Life Without Parole group. He was 9 days into his 16th birthday, in 1991. I was his girlfriend and was 15. He was resentenced in 2013 and sentenced to 40 years. The courts just deemed this resentencing illegal and now we have to face another resentencing. Because he was 9 days past his 16th birthday he does not fall under the program that allows him to be released after 25 years. So, the DA is requesting him to get resentenced to 50, then apply for parole after that. My husband has been infraction free for 17 years, he tries to help other inmates to realize the life they could have and to try and counsel them to not return to prison. Over the past 26 years I have seen him grow into an amazing man. He is truly inspirational, due to the abusive childhood and tragic life he has seen behind bars. We are now preparing for another sentence. I am wondering, who can I contact to help us and support us in this process? We really could use all of the positive support we can get. Thank you.

  3. Will you be going to Stafford Creek my husband has been in sunce he was 19 he’s 32 now. Has 12 years remaining on his sentence. I definitely think he is the textbook inmate for parole. I’ve been on the mailing list but haven’t heard of any events…

  4. Hi my husband is at Stafford Creek. He has served 21 years now on a exceptional sentence of 41 years. He has definitely changed throughout these years, he was just a kid when he went in and has since found his faith in God it’s only fair to let these people have a second chance.. Is there any way you would be able to go there? Maybe talk with him?

  5. I was told by my husband that people from the coalition are going to visit a few of the prisons. He is at Airway Heights are they on your schedule to make a visit if so when.

    1. Hi Roxanne yes we are getting into some of the insitutions, Clallam Bay, and WSR, Purdy so far. We want to get into all of them that have long term prisoners. We have not yet found a way into Airway Heights but we would certainly go if we were approved. Do you have any connections that might start the conversation for approval process?

  6. Sounds interesting. But i wont be able to attend. Hopefully info will be reported in some format to those unable to be there.

    1. Hi Carol
      Sorry you’ll miss the event. Yes we will create a new page called Past Events which will provide a summary as well as follow up emails. Please make sure you are on our mailing list to be sure you’re kept in the loop.

      Thanks again for the comment.

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