We need more people like you!

We successfully met many new friends and allies at the MLK lobby day in Olympia on January 19, 2015.  Thank you to all who signed up to be supporters.   Our current goals are twofold 1) to have a well rounded understanding of the existing research, and other state legislation so that we can provide input to the bill drafting team on what a model legislation would look like.  We want to have a draft of a potential bill ready for next legislative session.   2) To create a groundswell of support for this reform across all legislative districts!  We currently have 69% of al WA legislative districts represented.  Thank you everyone!

Here is what our teams are up to right now:

Research team is responsible for understanding all aspects of parole in Washington state including the following:

  • Facts and figures of who is actually incarcerated here
  • Impact of parole on recidivism rates
  • Criteria needed to ensure confidence for release
  • Re-entry issues and impacts
  • Personal stories with a 360 degree view of this issue
  • How parole is implemented in other states

Organizing team is responsible for creating a groundswell of grassroots support in every district across the state

  • Create quarterly events to cultivate a community within our support base
  • Establish connections with victim groups who support sentence review
  • Creating FAQs and key messages to be published

We need more people like you.

Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested and ask them to join us!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

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